Evaluation, Measurement & Verification

Evaluation, Measurement and Verification (EM&V) is a catch-all phrase used in the energy industry to refer to a systematic, third-party review of the delivery and impacts of energy efficiency programs.

Evaluation uses scientific sampling of projects to calculate the results of an entire program or portfolio within specified confidence intervals. Measurement and Verification (M&V) is a tool used in evaluation to determine impacts at the individual project-level.

Who hired the EM&V team and why?

The Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT) hired the EM&V contractor through the Request for Proposals 473-13-00105, Project No. 40891.

In 2011, the Texas Legislature enacted SB 1125, which required the PUCT to develop an EM&V framework that promotes effective program design and consistent and streamlined reporting. The EM&V framework is embodied in P.U.C. SUBST. R. 25.181, relating to Energy Efficiency Goal (Project No. 39674).

The PUCT is committed to a thorough and independent evaluation of utility energy efficiency and load management programs to document load impacts and their compliance with regulatory and statutory objectives, understand why those effects occurred, and identify ways to improve current portfolios.

Who is doing the EM&V?

The PUCT selected Tetra Tech to perform the third-party evaluation, measurement and verification of Texas utilities’ energy efficiency and load management portfolios.

The Tetra Tech team also includes the following subcontractors: Texas A&M Center for Applied Technology, Texas Energy Engineering Services, Inc. (TEESI), The Cadmus Group, Itron, and Johnson Consulting Group.

What are the objectives of the EM&V effort?

The objectives of the EM&V effort are to:

  • Document gross and net energy and demand impacts of utilities’ individual energy efficiency and load management portfolios (Gross savings are the change in energy consumption and/or demand that results directly from program–related actions taken by participants in an efficiency program, regardless of why they participated. Net savings is the total change that is attributable to an energy efficiency program.)
  • Determine program cost-effectiveness
  • Prepare and maintain a statewide Technical Reference Manual (TRM)
  • Provide feedback to the PUCT, utilities, and other stakeholders on program portfolio performance.

What information will the EM&V team be collecting?

The EM&V team will be conducting telephone surveys and on-site inspections with a sample of customers from each of the ten Texas electric utilities. In addition, the EM&V team will be interviewing a sample of Energy Efficiency Service Providers (EESPs) that work with the programs.

The telephone surveys will be implemented by Tetra Tech and ask questions about the project customers implemented through a program, their satisfaction with the program, and what they planned to do before they knew about the program. The on-site visits will be implemented by Texas A&M or TEESI and used to confirm that the energy-saving improvements were installed properly and to assess the energy savings. The EESP interviews will be conducted by senior evaluators from Tetra Tech, Cadmus or Itron to learn about EESPs’ experience with the program(s) and how the program(s) influence the implementation of energy efficiency projects.

Is information provided to the EM&V team confidential?

The privacy and confidentiality of individuals and businesses that choose to participate in this research will be held in the strictest confidence. All information related to the EM&V research will not be released to anyone in a form that could allow the identification of any business, individual or facility.

Who do I contact if I want more information about the EM&V effort?

If you have questions about the purpose of the EM&V or its use, please contact Katie Rich with the Public Utility Commission of Texas at 512-936-7402.

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