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Energy Efficiency Accomplishments Report

Evaluation/Baseline Studies


Energy Efficiency Accomplishments Report

Each year, EUMMOT releases an Energy Efficiency Accomplishments Report that summarizes the energy savings and demand reduction resulting from the previous year's energy efficiency programs.

The below graph illustrates the total demand reduction achieved through EUMMOT's energy efficiency programs since 2003.

Details from each program year since 2006 can be found in the below summary reports:

total demand reduction since 2003



Evaluation of 2008 Texas 'Make Your Mark' Statewide CFL Program

Frontier Associates conducted an evaluation of the 2008 Texas Statewide "Make Your Mark" CFL Market Transformation Program. The evaluation had the following main objectives:

  • Determine appropriate assumptions to apply to program bulbs sales in order to calculate the gross program impacts by utility service area.
  • Estimate the level of free-ridership among program participants in order to estimate the net program impacts.
  • Collect and analyze data relating to the effectiveness of the program in the Texas market to identify improvement opportunities and to inform future program decisions.
  • "Make Your Mark" Full Report


Evaluation/Baseline Studies



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