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Service Territory

2015 Program Offerings and Manuals








Programs are open to any resident of Entergy's service territory, regardless of their Retail Electric Provider (REP).  The map below shows Entergy's service area in Texas.  This map is provided for reference only, as customers located within this service territory may or may not recieve electric service from Entergy.

If you aren't sure if you are an Entergy customer:

  • Look on your electic bill: The company you call when the lights go out is your Transmission & Distribution Utility (TDU).  If your bill lists Entergy as your TDU, you may be eligible to participate.

  • Call your REP: The company that sends your electric bill each month should be able to help.

  • Review our Eligibility page



Service Territory

entergy service territory



2015 Program Offerings and Manuals


Commercial Solutions MTP
ENTERGY SOLUTIONS Premium Homes MTP Hard-to-Reach SOP
SCORE/CitySmart MTP Residential SOP
Load Management SOP

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